In episode 16 of the podcast (also known as “Our Blustery Guest”), we looked into how much we’d spent on Steam (as it was a recently added first party feature). As such, we’ve decided to list our total spends in a, sort of, leader board. To find this information for yourself, follow this simple steps:

  • Open Steam
  • Open “My Account”
  • Open “Data Related To My Account”
  • Open “External Funds Used” How do you stack up against our leader board?
Place Waffler (official, unofficial, or honorary) Total Spend (GBP) Last Checked
1 Squidgey £3,130.51 August, 2018
2 B £2,042.35 August, 2018
3 GaProgMan £399.49 August, 2018

As time goes on and we do the same thing with with other guests we’ll add other guests, so you’ll be able to see how the Wafflers (official, unofficial, and honorary) spends match up to yours.