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Back in episode 68 of the podcast we talked about our dream line ups for a Mega Drive mini. Since then, we’ve thought long and hard about other line ups

and they may or may not have become podcast episodes

But I knew that I wanted to list them all on the same page, so that’s what this page is for. Here you’ll find all of our dream line ups

we’ll update this page as more dream line ups are released/talked about

for each of the consoles. We’ll also include links to the episodes where we discussed them.

The Challenge

The challenge is pretty basic:

Imagine that you have an unlimited budget (to deal with licensing issues), go through the games on the mini console and replace the ones that you’ll never play with ones from your dream line up.

Jay's Avatar — Jay

In the case of the PlayStation Classic, we also allow a portion of the budget for designing better hardware

or we can agree that podcast magic is involved

to ensure that the games are all playable on the hardware.

Click on the cards below to read through out lists of mini console dream line ups.